Primary Dolor: If I Were a Rich Man Edition

· Kerry wins Maine, Michigan, and Wash.; Dean prepares advertising blitz. [WP] and [BG]

· Bush: "I'm not going to lose... Well, I don't plan on losing." [WP] and [NYT]

· Kerry, Bush highlight "starkly divergent approaches to the economy, the war in Iraq and their own records of military service." [WSJ] and [BG]

· Bush faces fresh tensions among Republicans over immigration, Iraq, and spending. [WSJ]

· Bush's war strengths may be weaknesses: "He is losing the trust of the public," says historian Robert Dallek. [LAT]

· Virginia Gov. Mark Warner endorses Kerry; Edwards hopes for win in "crucial" primary tomorrow. [WP] and [BG]

· For Kerry, recalling Vietnam is the "best offense and defense." [WP]

· Kerry says his wealth should not disqualify him: "If those were the criteria for being president, then we wouldn't ever have had Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy." [NYT]

· Gore mostly invisible in Dean campaign; Says Bush "betrayed this country!" [WT] and [NYT]

· Most policy positions are the same for top Democratic candidates; Party will be unified. [WP] and [NYT]

· Clark is still refining his campaign. [NYT]


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