Primary Dolor: Is Dean Done With His Speech Yet?

Kerry's 40-34 victory over Edwards was his narrowest yet. Edwards: "The people of Wisconsin spoke loudly and clearly tonight. They want a debate. They want this campaign to continue." [NYT and WP]

Edwards beats Kerry among non-Democrats, voters who said the economy was the deciding issue, voters who looked for a personal connection, and with voters who decided in the last three days. [NYT and Slate]

Dean will stop campaigning, though will not technically drop out. "You're not going to abandon us to the sharks, are you?" asks one supporter. [LAT and WP]

Kerry tries to be the un-front-runner; credit should go to his enormous press team. But what about the make-up artist? "The candidate had a dedicated makeup artist. . . she confided she had spent two hours with the candidate and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, in their private suite, fixing their faces and hair, 'making them look healthy.'" Fire her. [WP]

Pundit Nation gets whiplash. [NYT]

Eyes on March 2: Edwards also did well among military voters and union households. Meanwhile, "When Dennis Kucinich came through Hawaii last year, the crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder. It was exciting," says the state party chairman. [WP and LAT]

Edwards could technically win the nomination, but conventional wisdom says it's too late: "It's not at all clear that this changes the central dynamic of the race, which is the inclination of Democratic voters to rally around Kerry as the presumptive nominee in the hopes of defeating President Bush." [LAT and WP]

Bush to National Guard: "My resolve is the same as it was on the day when I walked in the rubble of the twin towers. I will not relent until this threat to America is removed. And neither will you." [WP and NYT]

On gay marriage, the Bush administration holds its breath. "The reasonable political minds at the White House have decided that there's no reason to say anything right now," says political director for the Log Cabin Republicans. [WT]


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