Primary Dolor: Song of the South

·Kerry leads in Missouri: "All those powerful interests that meet in secret at the White House. They hear us coming." [NYT]

·Dean prepares for long race: "How the mighty have fallen... We took a gamble, and it didn't pay off." [WP]

·Edwards makes final push in South Carolina, optimism shining through: "I think we're very close to a two-person race, depending what happens Tuesday." [NYT] and [WT]

·Bush campaign prepares major grassroots organization. Their target? Voters. [WT]

·Sharpton euthanizing the Dems for their own good: "How can I kill a party that is already dead? At best I can help bring about the resurrection." [NYT]

·Edwards' first house gains attention. "Somebody said he wants to make the pink house what Abraham Lincoln made of his log cabin," says a neighbor. [WT] and [WP]

· DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe says Bush's military inexperience will be an issue. [NYT]

· Campaigns focus on the south: "The past interferes in evoking old grievances, but the sense that the future is going to be better has never been stronger than it is today. Somebody who understands that is going to be able to tap into a lot of energy and hope," says professor. [WP]

· ... and the hispanic community. [WT]


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