Primary Dolor: Times Figures Out How to Make This Week More Boring Edition

kerryend New York Times endorses Kerry: "Almost everyone who has been watching the Democratic campaign would love to merge Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards into one composite super-candidate, with Mr. Kerry's depth and Mr. Edwards's personal touch with the voters. In the television era, likability is extremely important. But this is a serious business, and Mr. Kerry, the more experienced and knowledgeable candidate, gets our endorsement." [NYT]

Kerry has accepted donations from the job-exporting "Benedict Arnold" companies he denounces. Kerry explains: "What I've said is not that people don't have the right to go overseas and form a company if they want to avoid the tax. . . I don't object to global commerce." John Edwards has not described these companies in such harsh terms and has received less from them. [WP and WP]

Kerry, Edwards proceed with care on gay marriage: "The gay community is increasingly pivotal to Democrats in sheer financial numbers as well as to turnout numbers this is a base of his support he doesn't want to alienate. However, there is that swing voter that might be the prize for this election," says a Clinton strategist. Of Kerry: "This is not a win-win for him. It's almost a lose-lose for him, if it goes the wrong way." [WT and BG]

Gay marriage as a helpful reminder to absent-minded conservatives: "You can spend a lot of time and money trying to appeal to that 10 percent of voters who are in the middle, or you can spend it on that 45 percent who are for my team, half of whom don't remember to vote. The gay marriage issue doesn't really switch votes. It reminds his voters why they should remember to vote. This speaks to 'the base,'" says Grover Norquist. [BG]

California primary race for 370 delegates is non-existent: "It's [yawn] all very [yawn] exciting," says state Democratic Party chairman. [WP and NYT]

In the Ohio battleground, Kerry fights in short-term against Edwards and long-term against Bush. [WSJ]

Kerry, Edwards as two peas in a pod. [NYT]

Does the GOP have a chance at taking California from the Dems this year? The White House looks west to Arnold: "Right now, Schwarzenegger is in the driver's seat on this relationship. . . I mean, after all, he's Arnold Schwarzenegger. All Bush is, is president of the United States." [DMN]


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