Primary Endorsements: Who's Backing Whom

John Kerry (Scott Wolf, Blink 182, Jamie Lee Curtis, Uma Thurman)

Scott Wolf a.k.a. Bailey Sallinger was a surprise supporter here. Considering that Wolf played a teenager until he was 34, you'd think he would've ended up in the similarly visaged John Edwards' camp. Jennifer Love Hewitt is currently undecided.

Blink 182 is working on a campaign theme song that combines the strategy of the Kerry campaign with a juvenile bodily function reference ala their hilarious "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket." Current working title..."Gotta Go To The John Kerry Lever and Drop a Vote."

With the seductive nods of Jamie Lee Curtis and Uma Thurman, Kerry is the clear leader among MILF voters, a segment that could prove crucial as November approaches

Gaffled assesses the strengths and weaknesses of celebrity endorsements.


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