Prince Returns From (Metaphoric?) Hell To Consult His Bible, Opine On Prop 8


  • Teddy Kennedy is back in Washington. He was welcomed with a banner and brought his puppies, huzzah! [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Looks like the Gays have some more anthraxing to do! Prince, the artist formerly known as a human (in the 70s), is against gay marriage too. [Daily Dish]
  • Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor of Virginia on the platform of thinking he is running for Governor of Florida and just sort of going with it. [Daily Kos]
  • Comically evil military contractor Blackwater USA shipped weapons to Iraq by hiding them in dog food bags. [TPMMuckraker]
  • Here is Tim Robbins, writing a tear-stained blog post about how disenfranchised he was on Election Day. [HuffPost]

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