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End Times Guy Rick Wiles Hoping Trump Will Kill Us All By Firing Squad In Next Month

Because we 'deserve it.'

Last week, while we were all mostly not here and also not really paying much attention to the news, the Justice Department announced a rules change that would allow firing squads, electrocution and nitrogen gas to be used in federal death penalty cases, if the laws in the state where the prisoner is meant to be executed allow for such things. As grotesque as this is, there is not much of a point to it besides macho posturing, as President-elect Joe Biden has promised to abolish the federal death penalty once he is in office and four of the five prisoners whose executions are scheduled up until then have already chosen lethal injection.

Well, unless you ask noted End Times preacher Rick Wiles, who has his own ideas about things. Last week, during a little pre-Thanksgiving roundtable, Wiles speculated that the real reason this rules change was rushed through was because "they're gonna shoot some people" and that Trump is planning to execute all of the bad leftists in media, science, academia, etc., simply because we "deserve it."

He is very excited about this, as you might imagine.

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Prison Industrial Complex

We Love This Song: Private Prison Stocks Drop After Biden Win


Last week, many, many stocks went up in anticipation of Wall Street expecting a Biden win. As Quartz reports, this was likely due to "expectations for greater stability from the White House and the possibility of a large stimulus package boost[ing] sectors including consumer staples."

But not every sector got a boost.

What did not do very well were the stocks prices of private prison companies, almost definitely because getting rid of them is on Joe Biden's campaign platform. GEO group, one of the largest private prison companies in the nation, dropped 14 percent, and CoreCivic went down 19 percent. While that will probably come as a disappointment to the kind of people who would own or invest in private prisons, it's a good thing for, well, pretty much everyone else. It's a good thing for us as a country.

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