Pro-Choice Darling With a Dark Center

All lawyers probably suckWhen Paul "Chrome Dome" Morrison (left) beat Phill "I Want Your Medical Records" Kline in the Kansas Attorney General's race last year, many people in the pro-choice movement breathed a huge sigh of relief. Kline had been running around for years subpoenaing women's medical records and stuff in his crusade to use current statutes to rid Kansas of abortion. Today, however, some of the women who heralded Morrison's win last year might be feeling just a little bit sheepish.

Morrison's former mistress Linda Carter -- the former director of administration in the Johnson County district attorney's office (which Morrison used to head and where Kline now practices law) --has filed a claim of sexual harassment against Morrison (and she's not the first former employee to do so). They started the affair in 2005 when Morrison was the DA in Johnson County and Carter worked in the office and continued to fuck up their lives (leaving and then reconciling with their spouses over and over again) throughout much of this year until they finally called it quits despite the tattoo he got with her initials.

Things started to fall apart, apparently, when they started arguing over the George Tiller case that brought Morrison to office. Tiller is an abortion provider in Kansas that Kline had spent his tenure attempting to put out of business and in jail. Morrison rode a wave of eye-rolling among Kansans over the case into office, but his mistress kept trying to get him to keep the charges against Tiller and he declined. Morrison also asked Carter for information and help with his own efforts against Kline (her boss), but Carter declined. In one of their final arguments this fall, Morrison threatened to make it difficult for Carter to find a new job, and so she responded by filing a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC in November.

Luckily for Morrison, he's not up for re-election until 2010, but, then again, that's about how long EEOC cases last, too. And Phill Kline starts to look like the least sleazy of the two men, despite his efforts to misuse the powers of his office to eliminate abortion in Kansas, but what's a little sexual harassment and mistress-having if you're pro-choice, right, President Clinton?

Sex scandal rocks A.G. [Topeka Capital-Journal]


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