Pro-Danish Rally Photos, With Special Guest Christopher Hitchens

UPDATE:A full gallery of photos, along with some of what they call "reporting," is now available here.

The pictures and reports from today's exciting Danish Embassy Love-In are beginning to show up -- here's the first photographic response we got, from Stephanie K. Chak of AU, who says, "Christopher Hitchens broke my rally/protesting virginity" (which is not a mental image you need while still recovering from a gigantic media circle-jerk, if we may extend the gross metaphors):


Nice pic, Stephanie, but we still don't see any proof that Hitch showed up to his own damn rally. There's the guy on the far right who might be him, standing next to the guy who has Andrew Sullivan's facial hair, so we'll just assume they both sent double and hoped no one would know the difference. Well you can't fool Wonkette, guys -- we're beginning to doubt your support of FREEDOM.

Some blogger has pictures up too -- once again, where's Sully? Hitch? Are they objectively pro-cartoon violence?

Update Before We Even Posted This: Pictures of Hitch and an ON THE SCENE REPORT, after the jump!

A gentleman known as Thimmesch, reporting (he claims) for Hotline, says Hitch was there:

Quietness and calm prevailed... requested by Christopher Hitchens who was joined by such luminaries as Bill Kristol and Cliff May along with nearly two hundred "free speechers" who gathered in front of the Embassy of Denmark in Washington shortly after noon Friday to express support for that embattled nation after now weeks of violent protest by Muslims in protest to "cartoons" that were said to depict Muhammad in a less than flattering manner. Nobody was spotted drinking Carlsberg, but there were plenty of flags and signs reading "Free Speech".

And then we received the photographic evidence:


All right, so Hitch made it. And oh boy! Bill Kristol and Cliff May!

Seriously, did you ever think you'd see these guys carrying signs around protesting shit? Is Thomas Friedman gonna write an op-ed mocking them now? Because these are the people who got together and officially declared protesting to be Ridiculous and Futile back in the go-go '90s, aren't they?

Second photo courtesy Kirk Sanders, who'd like us to let you know that he is "an Assistant Professor of Classics and Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" and "a junior fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies, which is a research center here in DC affiliated with Harvard University -- and located conveniently next to the Danish embassy.)"

A Rally for Freedom [Vital Perspective]


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