Project Runway It Ain't

interns_csb.jpgGood news, DC -- having learned the hard way that reality-based fiction doesn't make your job interesting to the rest of the country, those hot shot Hollywood producers having another go at it, with the much more sensible approach of fictionalizing reality. From the inbox:

National cable network casting new docu-series showcasing a never-before-seen look into the world of politics, through the lives of ambitious men & women working on The Hill. This can include anyone from interns, staffers, lobbyists, grassroots organizations to think tanks. This groundbreaking show will be a fly-on-the-wall view of democracy in action with a dynamic cast of individuals who may eventually go on to run the country!

Oh boy! If there's one thing we love to see broken, it's ground!

Bad news, "National Cable Network" -- no one here is attractive enough for reality television. And what you call "democracy in action" we call "drafting position papers and bitching about obscure riders in the Transportation Bill."

Still, though, we have some small hope in this lasting long enough to make it to air, primarily to see what washed-up political figure they find to play the Trump/Tyra character. Abramoff's got the moxie for the gig, but damned if Larry Franklin doesn't need the work.

During President Bush's first term, Lawrence Franklin was part of a core network of neoconservative strategists at the Pentagon who pushed for taking a hawkish line in the Middle East. He advocated the removal of Iran's theocratic government and made secret trips to Italy in 2001 to learn more about Tehran's overseas intelligence operations, colleagues say.

Now Mr. Franklin works nights as a parking valet at Charles Town Races & Slots in West Virginia.

Actually, if this reality show ended every episode with an influential pol getting sent to the service industry, we would totally watch it religiously.

As 'Neocons' Leave, Bush Foreign Policy Takes Softer Line [WSJ (sub. req.)]


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