Proof: 60 Percent Of House Of Representatives Crazier Than Ted Kennedy

Far be it for us to make fun of crazy people who aren't Michele Bachmann, but it seems that there's some kind of bicameral kerfuffle going on about just how much mental health coverage insurance carriers should be required to give. The Senate plan, considered more favorable to the insurance industry, is sponsored by Ted Kennedy; the House plan, backed by 60 percent of the members and more favorable to the crazies, is sponsored backed by noted alcoholic/depressed person ... Patrick Kennedy.

Hey! Since we're a wacky blog and not held back by the stodgy conventions of the mainstream media, we could write some overblown "Kennedy vs. Kennedy" schtick! Not like the New York Times, which said, uh...

It's Kennedy versus Kennedy as two members of Congress from the same family face off over competing versions of legislation...

The story's original headline was "¿QUIEN ES MAS KENNEDYER?"

Proposals for Mental Health Parity Pit a Father's Pragmatism Against a Son's Passion [NYT]


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