Proper Sex Ed Being Taught Only in Overseas Embassies

This is the back of diplomat and safe sex advocate 50 Cent - WonketteThe U.S. Embassy in Angola invited 50-Cent to address their staff -- and their staff's children -- on the subject of HIV and AIDS awareness last month. It turned out pretty much as you'd expect.

According to people in my agency who attended this event, he didn't rap but after meeting our Ambassador he urged the kids "Have sex, have lots of sex, but have safe sex!" and then exited by having his bouncers throw $100 bills in the crowd....

Oddly, this was exactly how Dick Cheney was planning on delivering his commencement speech at Brigham Young.

Except with tear gas instead of scrilla, but you know him.

Bling Deplomacy [Trisignia]


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