Proportional Spacing Response

cyaWhen we first started hearing that CBS's National Guard documents might be fakes, it all sounded a little too grassy knoll to be true. "The 'th' is superscript! Impossible!" "This only could have been written on an IBM 'golf-ball' type typewriter!" -- it's not that these points aren't valid, it's just that the mistakes are so obvious. They might as well have been leaked 1973 emails. Hey, look, Hitler's secret diaries! In Power Point!

What really rocks, though, is that this whole to-do has forced bloggers to do a lot of research about antique typewriters. Next thing you know, they'll have to learn about "leaving the house" or "taking notes". . .

The sixty-first minute [Power Line Blog]

TANG Typewriter Follies; Wingnuts Wrong [Daily Kos]


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