Protecting the Homeland ... With His Dick!

Sorry, nothing funny about Child-Sex Freaks running Washington - WonketteThe pressure of wasting billions of dollars per week on nonsensical "Homeland Security" programs can take its toll in many ways, like trying to seduce children online by sending pornographic videos of yourself ... from DHS computers.

Read the whole rancid story, after the jump.

That's the pathetic tale of 55-year-old Brian J. Doyle, who pled no contest to various sex-creep charges in a Florida court today, and is expected to get about 10 years in prison.

Doyle was arrested in April at his Maryland house after trying to set up a meeting with a 14-year-old in Florida. The child was actually an adult cop -- worse yet for Doyle, an on-duty cop.

Like many middle-aged Washington creeps trying to pick up on the very, very young, Doyle reportedly bragged about his government credentials and said a lot of mean "insider" stuff about President Bush.

Before jumping on the 9/11 gravy train and eventually becoming one of the top propagandists at Homeland Security, Doyle was a Washington reporter at Time Magazine for 26 years. Something about the people in this town is just not right ....

Ex-Federal Official Pleads No Contest to Sex Charges [Lakeland Ledger]

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