Protest Ghouls Invade D.C. Lunch Spots!

They are hungry for brains

A completely anonymous Wonkette operative reports that fake dead people are taking over the city. "At the corner of 15th and K a little while ago, there were 10 or 15 people 'playing dead' on the sidewalk outside my office. I also saw a girl get a suit from (I think) Caterpillar Inc. to flip his shit on camera as she asked him why his bulldozers ran over a 23-year-old American trying to protect her home in Palestine. He came off looking like the 'roid rage douche he probably is, while she was calm, collected and slightly hippie-ish. (Although idk why the US out of Israel group felt the need to protest something other than the war today....)"

Harrowing tales of masked anti-war crusaders and their expensive sandwiches, after the jump!

Our anonymous informant continues, "The best sight of the afternoon, thus far, was the 2 middle-aged men wearing all black with white Jason-esque masks getting lunch at High Noon. (I guess they were part of the March of the Dead? I didn't know The Dead got hungry for overpriced sandwiches.)"

Usually the dead stumble over to Cheney headquarters for the venison jerky. But he's own of town, so they're making do.

(Photo by "Russ' co-worker.")


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