Proud To Be a Gaylord

Say it loud! - WonketteFormer Wonkette guest editor Princess Sparkle Pony finally heard from Sen. Kent Conrad's office about a year-old blog post.

The post in question pointed out that the North Dakota renegade* politician's real first name is "Gaylord."

Today, Conrad's communications director finally responded to the shocking allegations. Experience the thrill of reading an official Senate letter that begins with "Hi Sparkle Pony," after the jump.

Hi Sparkle Pony

Someone forwarded me your, by now ancient, post of June 14th [2005]. You accurately describe Senator Conrad's given first name as Gaylord, and snicker a little because he commonly uses his middle name, Kent, suggesting he's hiding his first name. I can assure you he's not.

I wanted to make sure you knew that he's proud of his given name. He grew up being called Kent because Gaylord was his father's name. Senator Conrad was orphaned when he was five when a drunk driver slammed into the family car, and when he was a young boy, he was raised by his grandparents. They knew the son they had lost, the Senator's father, as Gaylord. So they called their grandson Kent.

You have an interesting site. I like to encourage bloggers to feel free to check in with me directly if you have any questions or want to verify facts. I'm usually very available by email.


Christopher Thorne
Communications Director

Office of U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad

Not so funny now, is it, Sparkle Pony? (Okay, it's still kinda funny.)

* renegade, because Conrad actually kept a campaign promise and was one of the very few Dems with the balls to vote against both Iraq wars.

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