Psst... Bob Jones University Secretly Hates Mitt Romney

caliphate! i saw a caliphate just now, ran right over thereIn an attempt to quell angry God people from getting all self-righteous (good luck!), Mitt Romney held an invitation-only event with students, faculty and alumni of Bob Jones University Tuesday. Guess he figured that since it was a closed event, whatever private revelations about his campaign that would be discussed would never in a million years reach the press. And who wouldn't believe that!? Sure enough, some sleuth at the meeting sneaked in an "audio recording device" -- they can tape soundz people make! -- and leaked it to CNN. Basic point: School Chancellor Bob Jones III endorsed Mitt Romney but by and large hates him.

Like Pat Robertson's endorsement of 9udy 11iuliani, Bob Jones III's backing of Mitt Romney in mid-October came as a big surprise -- one type of Christian is always supposed to hate another type, right? So thinks the vast majority of the Bob Jones community, and Romney's private meet-and-greet was supposed to demonstrate that they all love Jesus equally, even if Romney's conception of Jesus is of a magical hobbit sitting in a canyon on Mars.

Actually, Bob Jones III loves Jesus more, according to him according to Romney:

"I've met with Dr. Jones a couple of times," Romney said. "We've had good long discussions. And we've talked, as you might imagine, we don't talk about doctrines of churches, all right? Because he says, 'Look, your church is wrong,' and I say 'Fine.'"

Might we call this "endorsement" a, hrrrmm, marriage of convenience? Like that socialist Demrat and her husband have? DOES JESUS APPROVE OF ANY OF THIS? Probs not, since he died like 2,000 years ago.

Inside Mitt Romney's private pitch to evangelicals [CNN]


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