Public Financing Is For Cheap Losers

  • Tonight is John McCain's last chance for a dramatic, game-changing debate. Tonight Barack Obama just has to stay awake and speak in complete sentences. WHO WILL WIN??? [San Jose Mercury News]
  • The newest McCain economic proposal calls for tax cuts for everyone, all the time. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Acorn gently suggests that Mickey Mouse won't actually show up to vote on election day. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama is spending insane buckets of money on every conceivable form of TV and video advertising, while John McCain confines his ad buys to occasional 30-second spots during Grand Ole Opry Live. [Washington Post]
  • The new Apple notebooks are so awesome, the only thing they lack is a Wet-Nap to help you clean up after you cream your pants. [InfoWorld]
  • The big government rescue plan does nothing to stop falling home prices, which are still, uh, falling. [Wall Street Journal]

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