Pulitzer Finalists: A Bunch of Three-Part Articles Nobody Read

Three Part Series! - WonketteEvery year about this time, a group of elderly newspaper editors is slowly led to a table and shown stacks and stacks of three-part investigative reports about the recent problems with polar bears, the long boring process of building some civic auditorium, or the proud journey of a little Guatemalan girl born with six heads. The senile newspapermen drool a bit on the "finalists," and pretty soon Editor & Publisher has posted the leaked list.

This year's finalists include not a single article we've read or even heard about, and we read newspapers all day -- the Washington Post, for example, will be honored for its "groundbreaking" work on "farm subsidies." There are several local columnists we've never heard of, too. This just might be the best Pulitzers ever!

Here We Go Again -- Pulitzer Finalists Leaked! [Editor & Publisher]


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