• Joe “The Unlicensed Plumber” Wurzelbacher speaks out like MLK against the most crushingly anti-constitooshun special interest group in America, The Humane Society. [Breitbart]
  • The Gaza strip is like Disneyland for Mohammed and friends, but only when Israel is operating the rides. [BareNakedIslam]

  • America’s only hope is to return to the golden age of foodstuffs, the early 1900’s, when Laissez-Faire capitalism elegantly regulated the food industry and cholera and typhoid were common food-borne illnesses enjoyed by people of all ages. [InfoWars]

  • Rhodes Scholar and Nobel Prize winner Ted Nugent is SO TIRED of those liberal “Fedzillacrats.” [Washington Times]

  • Obama’s welfare-queen aunt loves smacking her nephew’s bottom, even if HE NEVER CALLS. [TheBlaze]


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