Purple Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes

* Reliable Source: Princess Di's dress is being auctioned off on eBay for a cool $125,000... Clinton Portis gets snazzy for his birthday. [WP]

* Shenanigans: With Karl Rove gone, all fingers are pointed at Cheney... CNN asks "what's in a name?" [Politico]

* Rush & Molloy: Just because you're paralyzed in Iraq doesn't mean you'll get the purple heart.


* Washington Whispers: Judi Giuliani is a hands on type of gal... Bush's political advisers to start sucking up to Obama... Nothing can stop Mike Huckabee from running... Mitt Romney's camp needs to reclaim the term flip-flopping... Mother doesn't always know best... Mitch McConnell to finally feel the wrath for his Daschle defeat. [USN&WR]


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