Put Mrs. Dean Where She Belongs (Back in the Kitchen)

Yesterday's controversial NYT piece on the absence of Mrs. Dean (a.k.a. "Dr. Steinberg") from the campaign trail contained one detail left strangely untouched by the blogosphere. The woman can't cook. She hasn't cooked "since the early 1980's, when Dr. Dean decided to bake apple pies for the neighbors, which took all day, 'and the apple pie was not that good,' she said." In a February New York magazine article she outright admitted that she hates to cook: "'I hate to cook,' she admits."

Dean's network of cyber-savvy lesbians can whip up campaign donations faster than you can say "threesome" -- maybe they could spare a little wampum to buy Judith some sorely needed lessons on the womanly arts? (Sure, Leiby says that she made the campaign staffers some cookies -- we heard they were out of box!) It's the first step to learning her proper place in the world.

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