Putin Considering GOP Candidacy

Do I make you horny? - WonketteRepublican insiders say Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is starting to look like an excellent candidate for the GOP in 2008. But it's not just because he's a big-spending fascist. Turns out Putin is also a fan of rape and murder! (And inappropriate oral contact with young boys ... never forget!)

Remarking on the rape charges against Israeli President Moshe Katsav -- another early favorite for the 2008 U.S. election -- Putin had the Israeli delegation cracking up with his Rapin' Moshe routine:

"Greetings to your president. What a powerful man he turns out to be! He raped 10 women. I would never have expected this from him. He surprised us all. We all envy him.''
All that's necessary for a Putin presidency in Washington is a quick "fix" to the Constitution -- something that's remarkably easy at the moment.

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