Womanizer in ChiefWhile America spent the day either dancing on Hillary Clinton's grave or trying to jump into it, a very important event transpired in nation of Russia: as expected, Vladimir Putin departed his post as president. But now he will be the prime minister, and some stooge whose name Hillary mangled in a debate will be the "president" instead. This will allow Putin to continue to walk around topless and cavort with flexy gymnasts half his age while Dmitry Medvedev attends to important affairs such as poisoning spies. Exciting photos of President Medvedev's swearing-in ceremony after the jump!

OK this is actually after the inaugural. Mr. and Mrs. Russian President went to church to celebrate.

Rock out.

Then they went out for some tacos.

We are!

Putin passes power to protégé, or does he? [International Herald Tribune]


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