Putting the "Sin" in Sinclair

This month, GQ profiles Sinclair "Stolen Valor" Communications -- best known for last year having said Kerry supporters were "acting like Holocaust deniers" -- and finds that the group twists more than the truth. Sure, there's a sketchy war profiteering scheme (one Sinclair honcho owns part of a company that has a contract with Iraq command), and we've come to expect that wingnuts like the Sinclairs to bite at any kind of selling-coke-to-Arkansas-troopers tale, such as this theory about gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: "David became convinced that she fell off a horse as a child and had brain damage. I don’t know where he came up with that. He’s a nut. He sits in his office and thinks of these things." But our favorite part, if we had to choose, would be the detail that co-owner David Sinclair isn't just on the books for having dallied with a hooker once, he's apparently quite the "whoremonger" in general, frequenting what one friend calls "the high-end titty bars." Oh, those titty bars.

Not Necessarily the News [GQ]


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