Q: How Many Lesbians Does It Take To Change a Lightbulb? A: That's Not Funny

I can throw rock at a gypsy from 15 metres - WonketteHere's a recipe for dark comedy: One goofy clip of Borat abusing the dork host of the Today Show + hundreds of confused and enraged lefty commenters at Huffington Post.

We know you don't have time to read them all, so we make very nice sample for you, after the jump.

* I don't get it. This Borat character hardly qualifies as entertainment, let alone newsworthiness. Maybe I'd understand it if I were dumber. That's it, I'll go watch Faux News for awhile. That should drop my IQ sufficiently enough to enable me to act like a drooling idiot over Borat, just like Matt "I have no self respect" Laur.

* Please HuffPo, use these last days to the election well. Use them to educate your readers about the things that really matter. Use these last days to help people understand what the candidates want to do about Iraq and whether their solutions have worked in the past.

* I don't know why there is so much exposure of Borat on HuffPo. It seems rather odd. My guess is that some of the people who run HuffPo, or finance it, are somehow connected to Borat financially. I think it's really disgusting that HuffPo won't disclose its ties to Borat, and instead pimps him to us everyday like we're a bunch of clueless idiots.

* Frankly, I don't get the humor. Have you ever seen this guy? He is incredibly anti-semitic, jokes about rape, ... I guess as long as HuffPo benefits financially from this, it doesn't matter what the content is.

* Borat is a racist PIG. It is ironic for a jewish person to make up lies about other people. What if the shoe was on the other foot, he would be screaming anti semitsim

* Huff Post --- are we sacrificing honesty so your man Borat can do his job at dehumanizing Muslims with oil??

* NBC would not run a Dixie Chicks ad but would have this asshole on Saturday Night Live saying that BJ's are good because you can keep the women in the cages? HuffPo please post news, not this shit that denegrades women.

* "Throw the Jew down the well - you must grab him by his horns - you must be careful of his teeth - he take everybody money - he never give it back" You people are fools if you think this garbage is funny. This site is as anti-semitic as they come.

* He's under contract with either the Russians or the Chinese. His job is to try and peel away Kazakhstan from western influence. He's doing a very good job of pissing them off. They have a very VERY large oil field. Our enemies understand our idiot media and the insatiable appetite of our populace to be "amused". He's bad news if you want cheap gasoline.

* you have to wonder with this kind of dark toilet humor if the goal is to make people laugh(at the characters monsterishness) or to desensitize them to the dehumanization of women.It seems to serve both well.

* This bigoted,"zionist" asshole is about as funny as an infected haemmorhoid and almost as clever!

* Not only I don't "get" this guy, but I find him very offensive towards Kazhakis and Muslims in general. Be prepared to be called a rube who doesn't have enough brain to understand Cohen's "highly sophisticated" comedy (basically the kind of toilet humor I hear from teenagers every day), because that's what the sheeple was told to say.

* Thank god i had a peek in here about Borat because I dont find him funny either . Everyone seems to be raving about him in Britain and i had thought i had no sense of humour at all . thank god i found people similar to me on this site . (relieved )

* Maybe someone from the crack Huffpo blog team can tell us how much this post gets paid by NBC to help sell this stuff.

Jesus christ, Bush is going to be president forever.

Borat On Today Show: Claims He Didn't Know He Was On Air... [Huffington Post]

Kazakh anger has yet to ebb over Borat [AP]


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