Q&A: Fatback DJ Demystifies The DC Dance Scene (Yes, It Exists)

Q&A: Fatback DJ Demystifies The DC Dance Scene (Yes, It Exists)

Pete Welsch has been DJing with the DC-based Fatback crew since 2006, and he's seen DC's dance scene move from scary rave music (thank you, Jesus) to a culture that embraces genres from all across the spectrum: garage rock, house, electro, etc. Wonkabout asked the funk/soul/boogaloo DJ to dish about DC nightlife and dance muzak.

Q: As a local DJ, what are your favorite dance nights in DC?

A: One of my absolute favorites is at the 18th Street Lounge -- Sam Burns. He's a deep house DJ, and he'll play current stuff and stuff that goes back 20 years. Even though it's on a Sunday, you get a diverse crowd.

There's also a Brazilian night that Neil Becton does at Cafe St. Ex. He's the owner of SOM records. He's a great DJ and really knows his music.

Q: Where are some unexpectedly good DC dance venues?

A: Any place that has a decent bar and a decent sound system, I'm happy with. I like spaces where people have some room to dance, even though it's not necessarily a club, like Selam or Bourbon .... Dahlak is good, too.

Q: Where do you get your music?

A: SOM Records and Crooked Beat over on 18th St.

Q: What songs have you been playing lately?

A: "In for the Kill (Skream Remix)" by La Roux, "Commando" by the Ramones and "Teardrops" by Womack and Womack (I've been listening to that on repeat!).

Catch Pete and the Fatback DJ crew this Saturday, March 21 at Bohemian Caverns. 10PM. Check out video flier here. Download mixes here.


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