Qatar, I'm Gonna Have to Get Back to You...

Scott McClellen, at today's press gaggle: "The President also called the Emir of Qatar, Emir Hamad. The President called to extend our condolences to the Emir over the terrorist attack that took place in Qatar last month. As you all recall, that was the first terrorist attack of its kind in Qatar. And the President expressed our support for the Qatari people, and the two leaders talked about intensifying our counter-terrorism cooperation...And then, just a short time ago, the President placed a call to the head coach of the Lady Bears. The President did watch the game last night, and he called to congratulate -- he called coach Mulkey-Robertson to congratulate the Lady Bears on their great victory and winning the NCAA Championship."

So, a month to call an ally that was hit by terrorists, and less than a day to call a winning basketball team? Normally, we'd be like, "Yeah, that's about right. Qatar's no Azerbaijan." But c'mon, it was a girl's basketball team! Like K-Lo says, Title IX is some of the most hurtful legislation ever passed.

Press Gaggle [White House]

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