Quality Health Care Requires More Than Cheerios

  • Cheerios won't cure your cancer, no matter what the packaging says. [Bloomberg]
  • Even though the NRSC speedily endorsed Charlie Crist for the Senate, the rank-and-file (Glenn Beck, etc.) find him too "soft" and "friendly." [Miami Herald]
  • Bank repossessions fell off last month, but a shit-ton of households saw the foreclosure process begin, which means we can expect to see a high number of repossessions at some point in our glorious future. [Washington Post]
  • Intel owes the EU 1 billion euros for being mean to AMD. [Wall Street Journal]
  • President Obama doesn't exactly know how he'll reform the health care system, or who will help him do it, but by gum the House of Representatives will pass some sort of heath care reform bill in, uh, two and a half months. [Fox News]
  • The president also wants to know who key Judiciary Committee and Senate members would like to see appointed to the Supreme Court, not that it matters because he's just going to pick Bill Ayers. [AP]

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