Quick, Quick, Quick, Hurry, Hurry: Wonkette Kerry Contest

Wonkette consultant L.M. offers a fabulous idea: a Wonkette pool on which respectable news source runs with the Kerry story first.

We can't actually run a pool, but we can run a contest. Send us your guess as to what respectable news organization (and we'll go ahead and include Fox here) will first break the Kerry sex scandal. Do it now! Time is of the essence.

We're also taking guesses for who the woman is. No contest there -- W. is the real winner, right?

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh is talking about the story on the air. Adds a bonus tin-foil-hat fillip to it: Hillary is behind the leak because she wants to step in as the nominee. Brilliant! But Rush is not respectable.

UPDATE UPDATE: Shortest contest ever! ABC radio in DC (WMAL, which carries Rush, natch) just went with it, and I think we have to consider them respectable. (Please don't press me on why.) Contest winner is J.N.!


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