Quick-Scrubbing Congressman Was Worried About Soviet Union Yesterday, Russian Federation Today


Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri is kind of stupid and we can prove it. In a very serious press release titled "Akin Against Ceding Low Earth Orbit Capabilities to Russians," Akin (meaning his communications person, but let's pick on the top guy anyway) writes: "The decision by the Obama administration to gut NASA’s manned flight program does more than jeopardize the long term goals of solar system exploration, the cancellation of the space shuttles replacement will effectively leave the United States reliant upon the Russian Federation to grant us access to low earth orbit. As a member of the Armed Services Committee I am very concerned with that possibility, and as an American I am disappointed by the prospect." USA! USA! ONE PECULIAR TIDBIT, however: when this release came out yesterday, it didn't say "Russian Federation."

An operative sent us this screenshot of the release last night, as it was at the time. Notice anything different with a certain country's name?

It was funny, because after he declared that we are ceding ground to the Soviet Union, he wrote, "As a member of the Armed Services Committee..." Whoops! Do you feel safe under the protective wings of Todd Akin, America?

He should've just stayed with "Soviet Union," for the cheap fear-points.

[Todd Akin]


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