Quick Studies: The Best of Taco Talk, Vol. 165


Last week was learningsy, hm? Synopsis: we talked about Foreign Affairs and explored some important theories about colonialism and its most nefarious agent: the Mercator projection. Such the fun! This week it's on to bigger and better: namely, Taco Talk, the in-house monthly of the DC restaurant California Tortilla. Taco Talk, or "TT" as it was called with a distinctly pejorative inflection in certain neoconservative circles, was founded in 1934 as the premier journal of the anti-Stalinist left. Come, let us take a look.

"MANY OF YOU MAY NOT KNOW THIS": The titular "you" refers to the collective CalTort customer, while "this" is a trendy new social theory in which Your hot sauce preference is psychologically indicative, in some way. "Indicative of what?" you ask, noting that one can't describe something as "indicative" without saying what, exactly, that something is supposed to indicate. Oh well then you must be a "Jamaican Hell Fire": one who makes sweeping categorical declarations. You're also apparently good with a bow and arrow. Good for you! There are other "types" too. Go on: self-diagnose. [Taco Talk, Issue 165]

"Psst..WANT FREE FOOD?": CalTort wants to "network" by convincing You to "follow" its Twitter and Facebook and the other one, MySpace. (Apparently, CalTort is currently enrolled in a few New Media Internet Social Media in the Age of the Digital Internet seminars at the Columbia Journalism School.) Anyway, so if you do CT this small favor, the restaurant will send you secret passwords that will eventually result in Your receiving of food, free of charge.  [Taco Talk, Issue 165]

"BECAUSE WE'RE GIVERS...": That culturally transgressive treat of yore, the Teryaki Chicken Burrito, is back, for a limited time. Plus, they are giving away free fortune cookies, perhaps as a mea culpa for the existence of Teryaki Chicken Burrito? [Taco Talk, Issue 165]


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