R2D2 Smuggling Death Star Plans From White House

Old people don't trust the R2D2 mailbox, for OBVIOUS REASONS - WonketteThe U.S. Postal Service's latest bold plan to avoid delivering mail has come to Washington. That's right, nerds: There are mailboxes clumsily disguised as the world's most beloved robot friend!

Metroblogging DC has a lovely collection of photographs showing just how different Washington looks with an R2D2 shrink-wrapped mailbox here and there. The difference is startling, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. No, wait, that's what happened after the Supreme Court installed Bush & Cheney in the White House.

Make sure you visit USPSjedimaster.com -- because, uh, R2D2 was totally the Jedi Master, right? -- and watch Darth Vader stomp over the corpses of dead freedom fighters while a mysterious hand puts a postcard in R2D2's floppy drive. It's for kids!

R2D2: The Jedi Master of DC Postal Delivery [Metroblogging DC]

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