Racist Flier Sent to Blogs, Perhaps South Carolinians

obamahorton.jpgA tipster sends in this charming flier, which he says he was handed while in South Carolina for Monday's Democratic Debate. Click to enlarge that sucker, you won't be disappointed. This little broadside was apparently plastered all over Charleston, though our only source for that is the anonymous tipster who sent this to another blog -- and who we're pretty sure is also our tipster, as both felt the need to point out that "this is what is wrong with politics."

As you can see, it's a rehash of the ol' Willie Horton story, a Lee Atwater classic that doesn't really improve with age. The thing is, African-Americans make up a pretty large percentage of Democratic primary voters in South Carolina, so we're slightly more convinced that this is an attempt to drum up some outrage than it is an actual dirty trick by, say, the Hillary campaign. Happy Wednesday!

Dems Play Dirty in Charleston [Palmetto Scoop]


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