Racist Florida Doctor Guy From Back-When Is Now Among Top Conservative Anti-Reform Voices

Racist Florida Doctor Guy From Back-When Is Now Among Top Conservative Anti-Reform Voices

Buried somewhere in the middle of the thick "Republicans + E-mail = Racist Anti-Obama Stuff" file is the Julycase of Dr. David McKalip, the Florida neurosurgeon caught circulating this objectively racist witch doctor image of Barack Obama. McKalip was a major "Tea Party E-mail List Guy" and an active player in the American Medical Association, but after being so racist he announced he would keep a lower profile in the anti-reform movement -- even though "the image has nothing to do with my feelings or thoughts on any race or culture." How's that working out for him? Oh, he's just traveling the country to speak at rallies and meet with Republican congressmen.

TPM reports on this random racist head-doctor's new role as a behind-the-scenes player of world-historical import:

Over the weekend, McKalip emailed a fellow activist, reporting that he had been at a conservative medical association meeting, with leaders of the anti-reform movement, including GOP congressmen Tom Price and Paul Broun, anti-reform writer and activist Betsy McCaughey, and Tea Party coordinator Amy Kremer. Conservative doctors and their allies have been organizing in recent days in response to the White House's event this morning featuring pro-reform doctors.

McKalip's email was then forwarded on to a Tea Party Patriots email list.

The important insider e-mail was an image of some blackface cartoon from the '30s where black people eat watermelon, with the caption, "ITS OBAAM."

No it wasn't that, at all, maybe. It was a VERY SERIOUS EMAIL okay?

These people reminded me that we are all in this together. The American People are counting on us. Our Children our counting on us. The world is counting on us - because THE WORLD LOOKS TO US WITH HOPE AS A BEACON OF FREEDOM. Without freedom in America, there is no hope for freedom in the rest of the world.

Hmm. The rest of the world might question these assumptions. "Please stop bombing us, Freedom Beacon."

But anyway, that's what this racist doctor guy has been up to recently.

Florida Doc Who Sent Obama Witch-Doctor Email Still Helping Lead Anti-Reform Fight [TPM Muckraker]


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