Well, great - a lady compared a thing to slavery! And it wasn't abortion this time! Abortion is slavery a lot with some people, you ever notice that? So, what was it now you ask? Yes, yes, it was the homosexuals, of course. They are now apparently "ripping apart people's lives and families" and we are now wondering what gay dude this chick has been in love with and or married to? Because "Mission America" radio host Linda Harvey is fighting words mad:

Abolishing slavery, wasn’t that politics? Didn’t Christians like William Wilberforce rise up and fight in the political realm two centuries ago to do what was right? They were called extremists then too. But actually no, this is not only about politics. Homosexuality is ripping apart people’s lives and families.

I can’t tell you how many sad tales I’ve heard from people who’ve seen the destructive effects of homosexual behavior in the life of a son, a daughter, a brother or a sister. The first battleground of ideas is one’s own mind. We need to equip our kids to stand firm in their convictions and know how to defend them.

She can't tell you how many sad tales she's heard, because she hasn't heard any. Or at least she doesn't tell us any, so we will have to assume she is talking about the "destructive effects" of people who simply must be terrible to their homosexual kids because they abide by the words of people like Linda Harvey.

Also, slavery is the new Hitler. In fact, that is now the Fakakta Corollary to Godwin's Law: in a social policy argument, the first person to try to defend bigotry by comparing themselves to an abolitionist is a Batshit Crazy Christian Conservative, and they automatically lose said debate effective immediately. (Not to be confused with Prommie's Corollary which states: "the first one to invoke the Dred Scott decision is a Batshit Christian Conservative who wears shoes, or went to Liberty University Law School.")

Whats heartening is that this at least appears to be the cultural last gasp of homophobia as an "acceptable" thing. The only ones left yelping about it are the Fred Phelpses, the crazy radio people and, oh, the House of Representatives, but still. Now, this lady is no Hitler, but she definitely does appear to be a Fred Phelps. Even though she is right, kind of, because the anti-slavery movement was driven by Christians with a firm moral conviction against something. Those Christians just happened to be right, but there were just as many pious church-going Christian slave-owners who were wrong wrong wrong - and this batshit, bigoted homophobe is just as wrong.



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