Radio Person Suing TV Star For Stealing Klingon Joke

This is Cenk Uygur from 'The Young Turks,' Air America's morning show. He is suing Stephen Colbert for $65 million, just like the pants guy, for stealing a joke about Klingons. You can see both jokes in the clip. Of course, we're bloggers, so we steal all of our material, but apparently standards are different for basic cable and niche radio people. Still, you can sue for a "stolen" joke? Milton Berle is shaking in his boots while rolling in his grave. After the jump, a fun assignment!

So yeah there's only a limited number of jokes to be made about, like, Mitt Romney tying his dog to the roof, and we make ten of them every day, so we tend to think that it's only natural that a room full of "professional comedy writers" working from the same source material might come up with a couple of the same punchlines as two bitter dudes on opposite ends of the country. But on the other hand we'd really like to have enough money to quit before this election gets any worse, so we want in! Please send us any and all examples of any television show, basic cable or network, repeating a "joke" you laughed at first here on Wonkette so we can sue Viacom or GE and get the hell out of here before President Thompson has the CIA send us to the Thunderdome.

Cenk Plans to Sue Stephen Colbert [Young Turks]


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