Radiohead Playing Occupy Wall Street This Afternoon? GO NOW TO SEE


If anything can make fat-assed professional young media liberals maybe get up and go see the revolution brewing in New York (where most professional young media liberals live) instead of just twittering insults at people who are taking some action, it will be the famous liberal rock-star English group "Radiohead" performing for the protesters. Right? (No, not really. The professional young media liberals are just twittering ironically to each other; we are watching this right now with something approaching nausea.) Anyway, Radiohead! They are great! 4 p.m. today, which is ... very soon! UPDATE: Ohhhh, we are supposed to use Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal as a source for saying that now this will supposedly not happen. We're sure Radiohead always cooperates fully with Rupert Murdoch's news operations. UPDATE: More denials. LATE UPDATE? And 45 minutes before alleged showtime, Radiohead's Twitter says "Sorry."

Even Viacom/MTV Networks might feel compelled to send a camera crew from Viacom/MTV Networks, which is literally 4 miles away from the Occupy Wall Street encampment, so that 42-year-old Thom Yorke can sing to the kidz via the cable teevee, about revolution. Here are more videos!

These live video recordings of Radiohead playing in New York the other night, you should watch them, to get you in the mood to go downtown and get busy with the cops:

The National Anthem!

Subterranean Homesick Alien!

Love this song so much ... anyway, go, have fun, smash the system, etc.


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