Rahm Emanuel Almost Ready to Guest-Edit Wonkette

Do you want to read a lengthy profile of former DCCC head Rahm Emanuel? Of course not! What about after we share this anecdote:

And within the first forty-five seconds or so of our first interview, he called me a fucking idiot--though I soon learned I wasn't special in that regard. James Carville, Rahm's pal since their days together on the 1992 Clinton campaign, later told me not to sweat it: "Everybody is a fucking idiot to Rahm." Not even Bill Clinton is spared. When I ask the former president what is the bluntest thing Rahm has ever said to him, he tells me, "It's unprintable."

The story also features Rahm shouting "Your mother!" to Adam Nagourney. We like him! He's feisty and probably corrupt!

Kiss the Ring [GQ via Yeas and Nays]


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