Rahm Emanuel, D.C.'s New Hobo King


There is an unwritten rule in D.C. politics that during any given session of Congress, at least one (1) legislator or White House staffer must live in a shameful basement dwelling unfit for human habitation. Senator Norm Coleman onceproudly held the title of Hobo King, but then he got (nearly?) run out of office by a comedian from the 80s, and is now locked in a legal battle as vicious as it is dull. You'll never guess who D.C.'s newest subterranean urchin is, as long as you don't read the title of this post!

It's our own Rahm Emanuel, who lives in Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro's basement. This was discovered when a private investigator checked up on Emanuel. Why the hell was a private investigator doing, checking up on Rahm Emanuel? Just being a dick, looks like!

Rahm Emanuel's Illegal D.C. Basement Rental [Gawker]


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