Rahm Emanuel Declares Obama Winner, Staffer Retroactively Undeclares That

Mean old Congressman Rahm Emanuel, speaking at the elitist New Yorker Conference today, pretty much said that Obama is the nominee. Since Rahm Emanuel is a Democratic Leader, this was big news. But since he is an undecided superdelegate who -- like others -- could just END THIS RACE RIGHT NOW PLEASE, he refused to do this and retracted his statement through a catty little spokesperson.

Here's what Emanuel said at his liberal conference:

"At this point, Barack is the presumptive nominee," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel during the New Yorker's magazine conference. "Hillary can't win but something could happen that could effect that Barack could lose the nomination."

Hey, "presumptive nominee," isn't that what we call people who have clinched the nomination? It is! Now why don't you just go all out and endorse Barack for the love of God. Simply use the word "endorse." Just do it, Big Cheese!

Oh right, you can't do that, because Harvey Weinstein will takes your money away. Time for a snippy spokesperson to retroactively wipe that remark away:

Easy. Everyone is getting a little over their ski tips. It must be a slow news day. All Rahm said was that Sen. Obama is now the front-runner, which by and large means, because of the calendar, he is the presumptive nominee, at this point. He was stating the obvious.

Not to get over our "ski tips," but maybe it's a little humiliating that Rahm Emanuel cannot endorse the presumptive nominee of his party?

Rahm Emanuel: Obama Is Our Presumptive Nominee [Huffington Post]
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