Rahm Emanuel, Next White House Chief Of Staff?

Rahm Emanuel, Next White House Chief Of Staff?

Hmm, very interesting! Rahm Emanuel loudly pooh-poohed Howard Dean's 50-state strategy -- you know, the deal where you actually pretend that states besides Ohio and Florida matter in electing a president -- and now he has been offered the job of Chief of Staff to that same strategy's biggest benefactor, Barack Obama. Of course Emanuel is from Chicago, just like Barack Obama, so he is well versed in CHICAGO-STYLE POLITICS (i.e. cooking deep-dish pizzas for William Ayers in Tony Rezko's slum kitchens, with Louis Farrakhan).

This is an interesting-ish move, given that Rahm Emanuel seemed to want to be Speaker of the House someday. Now he is "agonizing" over whether or not to take the job Obama offered him. DO IT DO IT DO IT, the next four years will be like Entourage meets The West Wing.

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