Rahm Emanuel Still Running For Job He Can't Have


And so, even as printing of the city’s ballots was set to begin immediately at the Chicago Board of Elections (early voting is to start next Monday), all eyes were turning to the Illinois Supreme Court. The court – made up of four Democrats and three Republicans – may consider Mr. Emanuel’s request for an expedited appeal to the ruling, or it can choose not to hear the case at all.

Hopefully Obama is able to keep from hiring those justices into administration jobs long enough to for them to make a decision.

Mr. Emanuel, meanwhile, has said that he would continue to campaign, and that he expects to prevail. He spent Monday night campaigning at a bowling alley. His aides said more events would proceed, as ever, on Tuesday morning. First stop: an appearance before members of a local Teamsters council.

"Vote for me, I think." [NYT]


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