Ralph Nader Says Terry McAuliffe 'Slipperier Than an Eel In Olive Oil'


Unsafe with any words.Republican operative Ralph Nader is always plotting against the Democrats, so now he's back with the explosive charges that slimy rum-swigging scam artist Terry McAuliffe offered the Nader campaign some money -- maybe fifty bucks? -- to stay out of tough states in the 2004 presidential election. And how'd that work out? Well, the Democrats lost, though not because of Nader. (Hint: IT WAS KERRY & EDWARDS' FAULT, FOR BEING AWFUL.) And now Terry's running for governor of Virginia, what will happen?!

[Nader] said McAuliffe, who was the Democratic National Committee chairman at the time, had offered Nader's campaign an unspecified amount of money, believed to be party funds, to spend in 31 states in exchange for an agreement to withdraw from 19 battleground states where he could potentially hurt Democrat John Kerry.

The allegation -- which McAuliffe has not disputed -- is the latest attempt to suggest that the candidate's lengthy career as a confidant to President Bill Clinton and top party fundraiser could now be a political liability. McAuliffe's aides countered that any effort he made to thwart Nader might actually play well with party loyalists.

Here's some walking around money, Ralph, go play in the street.

It does have a certain appeal, but it also sounds like typical Clinton-gang sleaze, which we were all pretty tired of until George Bush Junior made us all so nostalgic for Clinton-gang sleaze, which was relatively harmless in comparison to, say, DESTROYING THE WORLD.

Unfortunately, this is still the odious Ralph Nader we're talking about, and as usual he just makes everybody want to give him a wedgie.

Here is something Nader actually told the Washington Post reporter, because it was sure to make everyone think Ralph Nader is a very witty character:

"Terry McAuliffe is slipperier than an eel in olive oil."


Nader: McAuliffe Offered Money To Avoid Key States in '04 Race [WaPo]


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