Rand Paul Just Wants To Add a 'Life Begins at Conception' Plank To This Flood Insurance Bill, What's the Problem?


The Senate is trying to pass a flood insurance bill, and all Rand Paul wants to do is improve the quality of flood insurance that Americans nationwide will enjoy in the years ahead. Specifically, hewants to add a lil' Life at Conception Act, which would "ensure equal protection for right to life of each born and preborn human person." Why won't Harry Reid bring this amendment to a vote on a flood insurance bill?

Rand Paul has spent his early summer offering all sorts of practical amendments, like one for the farm bill that would cut off aid to Pakistan. That was germane enough, but this one, to attach life-begins-at-conception language to a flood insurance bill, is hella germane like the dickens. And yet pro-life Mormon Harry Reid won't allow this, because he loves abortion:

"I'm told last night that one of our Republican senators wants to offer an amendment — listen to this one — wants to offer an amendment on when life begins," Reid said. "There will not be a vote on that on flood insurance. We'll either do flood insurance with amendments that deal with flood insurance, or we won't do it, we'll have an extension.

"I don't understand what this is all about," Reid added. "But I want everyone to know: This flood insurance is extremely important. The big pushers of this bill are Republicans senators, veteran Republican senators.

"They better work on their side of the aisle, because I am not going to put up with that," he concluded. "If the Republicans won't stand up to that, to the person who's going to that, I'm not going to."

Stand your ground, Rand Paul!

[The Hill]


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