Rand Paul Taunts Farmers, Is Barely Even Winning


Dr. Rand Paul has been somewhat quiet of late, after realizing thatsaying the things he actually thinks is not the world's greatest idea. But, despite Sharron Angle's revolutionary new political science theories, sometimes you have to appear before the voters and speak words, aloud. So Rand Paul did this, in a joint appearance with his opponent, before a demographic that's always open to ideologies of total self-reliance and an absence of government subsidies: farmers!

Paul and boring-looking Democrat Jack Conway went to the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation and talked about agriculture. Did you know the federal government has a whole department dedicated to agriculture, which hands out lots of money to agriculturalists? Did you know that Rand Paul wants this department and those handouts eliminated?

Conway added that about 75 percent of farm bill funds that reach Kentucky are for nutrition programs such as federally subsidized school lunches and breakfasts that serve hundreds of thousands of children.

"Are we going to do away with that? Are we going to do away with that in these difficult economic times?" he said.

The rest, he said, give "farmers the assurance they can have a good season," and create a cushion against a devastating year.

But Paul said, "You can stand up here and pander and you can say we will give you what you want or you can acknowledge that our country has problems."

Ha ha, Rand Paul has not learned that "pandering" and "giving people what they want" are the keys to being elected! Paul thinks that all of farmers' problems can be solved with free trade everywhere, because people in Colombia and Panama and South Korea simply can't wait to get their hands on Kentucky farmers' ... corn? Let's say corn.

Anyway, Rand Paul's farmer-hate has not totally sunk his candidacy, as he remains ahead in the latest poll, 41 percent to 38 percent. But many independents are still undecided! They will all vote for Paul, obviously, because he is funnier. [AP/cn|2]


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