Rand Paul's Very Special Spokesman Resigns. Why Would He Do That?


Here's the post you've been asking for, tipsters, about a fellow named Chris Hightower, who until very recently was the spokesman for the Rand "Jesus" Paul 2010 Senate campaign. That's Chris (far left) up there in his former metal band, COMMANDER, whose sound was kind of like, half-Nirvana, half-"the sound of acid burning through a human skull," and half-Orrin Hatch. What else is Chris Hightower into, aside from death metal music? Maybe he has an Internet paper trail and we can find out.





...WAIT, AHA -- as in "Martin Luther King Junior Day." Because he was... right, right, got it.

Chris Hightower is a Real American who is concerned about deficits.

Rand Paul's spokesperson is a Satanic Metal God in KKK gear (5 UPDATES) [Barefoot and Progressive]


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