Randall Terry, Bad-Ass Amateur Legal Consultant

There's a saying in political journalism: Don't get between a PR-hungry ideologue and a microphone. Unless you have tape running, of course. Even better: Unless you have tape running and the PR-hungry ideologue doesn't know it. We can't say exactly how we came across this rambling, somewhat incoherent pre-show warm-up by Randall Terry -- we can't even say if it is actually Randall Terry -- but it is highly amusing. If, that is, you are amused by glory-hounding media stunt men bad-mouthing their own team ("It'd be like having your podiatrist do brain surgery!") or in pious born-agains cursing like Ned Flanders in a drunken rage ("He's a son of a pup!"). We are.


Clip 1: "He's a Moron"

Clip 2: "Son of a Pup"

Clip 3: "The Polite Word for an A-Hole"

Clip 4: "The Only Thing Worse Than a Man Who Is Ignorant"

Clip 5: "Randall" makes the smooth transition to actually being on Fox: "There's Nothing Peaceful About It"


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