Randall Terry Gets His Smooth On

Culture of Life gadfly Randall Terry has at least two personalities, and both of them are totally intriguing. Terry #1 is mindful of decorum when the ladies are present but also pretty fiery and belligerent. Earlier this week, we enjoyed candid audio of Terry in this mode here at Wonkette. Terry #2 is a smooth, heartfelt piano balladeer, sort of like Tesh without the edge. Today, Crooks & Liars has posted an MSNBC clip of Terry in this mode. If we're not mistaken, he's crooning a mellow love song to Jesus!

When I feel the waves crash over me, Father,

When my heart is overwhelmed with pain,

Help me, find me, seek me, hide me in the scars you bear,

Caress me in your embrace, run your fingers through my hair!

Randall Terry's Freak Show [Crooks & Liars]

Randall Terry: Badass Amateur Legal Consultant [Wonkette]


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