Randall Tobias' History of Infelicities Hinted At

Our network of operatives are always watching. One such tipster offers a little background into Randall Tobias' past:

The resignation of Deputy Secretary of State Randy Tobias, for being a client of a DC escort service, came as no surprise to me. Randy was a department head in Marketing at AT&T in the early 80's and we worked together. It was common knowledge at the time that he was a womanizer. One day we had a new female member of our project team and I was quietly told that until recently she had been a secretary. Randy had promoted her to so she could accompany him on business trips.

So, Tobias was one of those steel-cage '80s guys, eh? Betcha he was cliche enough to have a set of those clicky-clack balls on his desk, too.

As much as we like the deep background, no Wonkette sex-scandal would be complete without some wild speculation. As one commenter writes:

Rumor has it that Dick Morris appears on the client list. I'm shocked!! I'm shocked that anybody besides Dick Morris appears on the list.

True that, patriot. Shit, if Morris was not, at this very moment, lying naked on a pommel horse, slathered in marmelade, being sexually serviced by mummies, THAT would be shocking.


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